Healthy Recipe: Protein Banana Bread

Protein Banana Bread

Herbalife offers a healthy recipe for protein banana bread that will fill the house with baking scents and fill the heart with joy. Suitable as a nutritious and delicious meal and also as a healthy dessert.

Schnitzel on a Stick – A Recipe For Kids

Schnitzel on a Stick

On these hectic days we are looking for fun activities that we can do at home with the kids. The Master Chef Brand offers an easy and wonderful recipe, served on a stick. A recipe that children will be more than happy to prepare together with their parents. And even more so, be happy to […]

New Recipe – Chicken Patties With Avocado

Chicken Avocado Patty

Chicken Patties With Avocado. Avocado Granot, Israel’s leading marketer of avocados and fresh fruits and vegetables by Granot farmers, serves a recipe for an original and delicious dish: Chicken patties with a surprising ingredient – avocado!

Recipe for Moroccan Harira Soup

Moroccan Harira Soup

Winter is here and there is nothing more fun and relaxing than drinking a bowl of warm soup. Especially when it is freezing outside. The Master Chef brand presents a recipe for Moroccan Harira soup that everyone loves. It is rich in flavor, very nutritious, and most of all, warm and comforting.

Recipe For Asado and Vegetables in a Red Wine Sauce

Recipe For Asado

A recipe for asado and root vegetables in a red wine sauce. Designed for five or six people. Asado is a grilling method that is known in Israel as being attributed to a selected piece of beef. Here is the recipe: