A recipe for asado and root vegetables in a red wine sauce. Designed for five or six people. Asado is a grilling method that is known in Israel as being attributed to a selected piece of beef. Here is the recipe:

A recipe for asado and root vegetables in wine sauce – the ingredients:

How to prepare the asado.

  1. Firstly, cut the onion into strips and fry in a wide and low pot that can be put in the oven.
  2. Then, cut the root vegetables into quarters and put in the pot after the onion turns brown.
  3. Fry together until the vegetables turn brown. Then, remove the vegetables from the pot.
  4. Then, fry the pieces of meat in a little olive oil and after the meat is lightly cooked, add the vegetables again.
  5. Cut the garlic head sideways and add it to the pot.
  6. Then, add the thyme, sesame seeds, red wine, and a little bit of water to the pot.
  7. Season with salt and pepper for extra taste.
  8. Bring to a boil over medium heat.
  9. After boiling close the lid and put in the oven for two and a half hours and 175 degrees.
  10. In the last twenty minutes, remove the lid to get it browned and make sure the meat is tender.

*Ask the butcher to prepare the meat in strips

What is Asado?

This is a Spanish phrase that describes the method of roasting meat on the fire. But in fact, Asado is known in Israel as a roasting method only. It is a well-known traditional dish in North America and Argentina in particular. In the Far East it is cooked as a tomato-based stew. In Brazil it is customary to make it on charcoal and not coals while the slice is skewered on a skewer.

The meat does not need to be soaked in marinade or sauce before preparation. It is enough to just salt and complete the cooking. Slow roasting (minimum two hours) is part of the secret of Asado’s magic and what makes the meat soft and tender.

Asado meat does not marinate before cooking, the only preparation done before roasting is just salting, and not always. The heat and distance from the charcoal is important so that the meat is slowly roasted. It usually takes about two hours to make asado.

Recipe For Asado
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