The Children’s Forest in Modi’in:. This forest, which is located northeast of Reut, is a forest that was established in the memory of children who perished in the Holocaust. The purpose of this flourishing place is to be educational and to remind people of the Holocaust. This is a complete guide of the forest.

About the Children’s Forest in Modi’in

The forest is a unique project established by the JNF in memory of the one and half million children that perished in the holocaust. This project was first initiated by Dr. Weiman, who is from the United States. He was the first director of the Center for Holocaust Education and Humanity. Dr. Weiman noticed that there was no forest that commemorates the one and half million children who perished in the holocaust in Israel. So, he set out to make this project a reality. The project was published around the world and called on many people to donate. So far, two years into the project, tens of thousands of dollars were collected from people of all religions and nationalities.

Location of the forest

The forest is located northeast of Reut. It is in the direction of the Sunflower Valley(עמק החמניות), which is between Maccabim and Modi’in. The place can be reached from the southern side of Hula Valley Boulevard (שדרות עמק החולה). Alternatively, you can also enter from the curved paved path that descends from the middle of Avital Street (רחוב אביטל) in Reut to the entrance square to Maccabim, on Yair Poppy Road (דרך יאיר פרג).

Nature in the children’s forest

The forest consists of Jerusalem pine and cypress trees, along with a few fig and almond trees. Additionally, in the eastern part you will find plums, pomegranates, olives, and carobs. Near the trail you will also find Klil HaHoresh () shrubs and an extreme boat. At the right times you can find daffodils, anemones, and cyclamen.

What can be found in the place?

In the forest, there is a dome-like building. In this building, there is a small sheikh’s tomb. According to Wikipedia, this site is where one of the five sheikhs were buried. The Sheikh was one of Muhammad’s generals who set out to conquer remote lands. This site has been declared a site for preservation by the Site Preservation Council.

A little bit of history:

In 1966, the JNF established the Patrol Road. It extends over 14 kilometers and in the past, marked the boundaries of the ceasefire lines. This is part of the arrangements between Jordan and Israel. The Patrol Road crosses the ‘Children’s Forest’ from north to south.

Children's Forest in Modi'in
Photo credit: Amiad Taub

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