GRAY Group expands and announces the opening of a new live performance club! The GRAY Club Modi’in (Gray Modi’in) will be opening for the first time on November 10th. It will be located at 69 Dam Maccabim Street in the city of Modi’in.

The new club was established with an investment of about NIS 40 million. It is ready to offer the residents of the city and all the residents of the city entertainment with live performances by singers, bands, stand-up comedians, and renowned lecturers. The new GRAY Club contains 500 seats and another 1000 standing and dancing seats.

The  club has been carefully designed and equipped with the most advanced and innovative sound and lighting systems in the world. In addition, a magnificent and well-equipped artists’ room will be available to the artists and musicians who will perform at the venue.

GRAY Modiin is based on the successful entertainment format of the GRAY Club in Yehud. To become the hot house of live performances and provide the audience with an extraordinary cultural experience. Alongside a fine and rich menu of food and drinks. It’s schedule for the opening month will include performances by the best singers and composers in Israel. Singers such as: Ethnics, Tuna, Jasmine Mualem, Lior Soshard, Keren Peles, Rotem Cohen, Shlomi Shabbat, Shlomi Kuriat, and many more.

GRAY Group:

The GRAY Group aims to promote and develop the world of culture and music in Israel, especially after the difficult period we have all experienced. We are happy about the expansion and excited to bring quality music and culture to other audiences. “

Haim Bibbs, Mayor of Modiin Maccabim Reut:

“The Gray Club is another step in the development of leisure and entertainment culture in Modiin Maccabim Reut. The Gray Club is synonymous with quality cultural content. It will be a magnet for culture, leisure, and entertainment for residents and visitors. We are in the process of recovering from the corona crisis and learning to live alongside the virus. We’re pouring cultural content into the city and I have no doubt that the new Gray Club will further enhance the cultural reinforcement of our beautiful city. We all look forward to the grand opening in November “

GRAY club
Photo credit: Pixabay

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