In the shadow of the global fight against the corona virus, a unique international conference will be held in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, which deals with preventive treatment of another common virus, called cytomegalovirus – CMV.

It is a virus that belongs to the group of herpes viruses. It is typically dormant in the majority of the population but may become active in organ and bone marrow transplant patients. This endangers their lives and impairs the success of the transplant. This is because transplant patients receive drugs that suppress the immune system as part of their treatment routine.

Who will attend the conference?

The conference will be attended by many different specialists such as bone marrow transplant, infectious disease, and organ transplant specialists from Israel and around the world. The comprehensive conference will include an epidemiological and immunological review of the virus. It will also include the presentation of clinical data related to the prophylactic treatment of patients after transplants. Leading lecturers in the field from around the world will be presenting this presentation.

The conference also includes a lecture by Prof. Dana Wolf, an infectious disease specialist and director of the Clinical Virology Unit at Hadassah Medical Center. This lecture will focus on new and future treatments for patients after organ and bone marrow transplants.

Those responsible for the conference’s program include the world’s leading names in the field of virus treatment, including Prof. Camille Cotton, Director of Infectious Diseases Unit in Transplanted Patients from Massachusetts. Prof. Fabio Chicheri, Director, Director of the Hematology and Transplant Department Bone marrow in Milan, Italy. And Prof. Julian de la Torre, director of the Infectious Diseases Unit from Cordoba, Spain.

When will this conference take place?

The conference is also open for viewing online from September 10 to 11, 2021 (free of charge).It sponsored by the Israeli pharmaceutical company Kamada and the international plasma company Biotest. You can register free of charge, on the website Enter the following link:

It is important to know that the cytomegalovirus (CMV) is also the most common significant infection for pregnant women. Its harm to the fetus can be severe and even fatal. Therefore, during the conference, a section will be devoted to the preventive treatment of women who first contracted the virus during pregnancy. This topic is relevant to physicians, gynecologists, and pediatricians.

It should be noted that for the discussions of the 2022 medicines, a new biological drug called Megalotect, which is an antibody preparation for the CMV virus extracted from human plasma, was recently discovered. The drug has already been approved by the Ministry of Health for use in Israel and is imported by Kamhada.

What is Kamada?

Kamada is an Israeli public pharmaceutical company that specializes in the development of life-saving drugs based on plasma-derived proteins. They manufacture them at the company’s Power Plant located in Kibbutz Beit Kama in the Negev. The company’s offices and research laboratories are located in the Science Park in the industrial area of ​​Ness Ziona and Rehovot. In addition, Kamahada is currently developing, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, a blue-and-white antibody preparation against the corona virus, which is extracted from the plasma of recovering patients and is intended for the treatment of corona patients

To watch a video about Kamada, click here.

Photo credits: קמהדע, חברת תרופות ישראלית ציבורית.
Photo credits: קמהדע, חברת תרופות ישראלית ציבורית.

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