“Israel Lives!” (“!עם ישראל חי”). Amit Renanim students march from the Raanana junction in a march in support of IDF soldiers on the streets of Raanana. The march ended  with singing and dancing.

Following the terrorist attack in which hundreds of missiles were fired from Gaza into the south of the country, Amit Rananim students decided to go on a march in support of IDF soldiers on the streets of Raanana.

The gathered at the Raanana junction with signs for a long march to “Yad Lebanim” for a common goal. To support IDF soldiers and strengthen the residents of Israel.

Student Hillel Koren shares: “We came to spread flove and unity among the people. We are the future of the country – the youth. We have insane power in our hands and the ability to make a difference. Over 100 of us who did not want to sit on the side quietly, and wanted to take action. In hopes of strengthening our people and raising the morale in the country. “Israel Lives!”

Ofra Peer, principal of the school: “In these difficult days, in times of war, sorrow and pain, we manage to find our points of light and strength as a people. I am proud of our students who took part in the act of goodness and love of Israel with other youth from Raanana. There is no doubt that this is one of the leading values ​​in our school and in all of us. The education staff, parents, and students all educate for the love of the land. Only by us being united we will win!”

March in support of IDF
photo credit: גילי הרפז

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