After a few weeks of rain all the streams and rivers start to fill up and flow into waterfalls in the Golan Heights. This is a great opportunity to come and watch the waterfalls.

Here are some of the recommended points for watching the winter falls, all of which are close to parking spots and do not require much walking:

Eagle Falls

A particularly impressive waterfall these days is located near Road 808 (known as the “Waterfall Axis”). It has a neat parking lot and an accessible path to the waterfall lookout. You can also continue another 200 meters down the path and see another plateau. Then, walk a short circular route with a view of the Sea of ​​Galilee and then back to the parking lot. To get there, put “חניון מפל עיט” in waze. It is near Moshav Aniam, a village with many cafes. Worth a visit after watching the waterfall.

Katzrin River Waterfall

Nahal Katzrin flows into Nahal HaZavitan, and right next to the city of Katzrin, falls into a powerful and impressive waterfall of a few meters. There is a trail of about 20 meters, then you reach the observation point. Waze: to the parking lot. Then walk down the path.

Upper Saar Falls

These are small waterfalls at the top of Saar Waterfall, near the village of Ein Kinia. This waterfall is less popular but is still a great waterfall to visit. What to put into waze: גשר הידידות עין קיניה

Saar Falls

Two huge waterfalls one after the other, one of the most impressive in the Golan. There is an amazing observation deck, including a regulated passage between the two waterfalls. (depending on the intensity of the flow). This point is very popular and parking is right next to the waterfall on a road from the Upper Galilee to the Golan. Waze: מפל סער / כביש 99

Parah waterfall

An impressive waterfall that flows with great intensity into the Banias River. There is an iron gate at the entrance, and it is next to a large oak tree. Enter and advance about 10 m to the edge of the cliff carefully. There you will find the amazing waterfall. Waze: Snir Cemetery.

In general, driving on the Golan Heights roads in the Katzrin, Keshet, waterfall axis (808), and the center of the plateau will expose you to the Golan Heights trails. Keep your eyes open and look to the sides. There is no way that you will miss the amazing waterfalls….

Be sure to bring coats, boots, umbrellas, and water on your trip.

Waterfalls in the Golan
Picture credit: אוהד עומסי
Waterfalls in the Golan
Picture credit: אוהד עומסי

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