Are you looking for a fun, unforgettable, and unique trip in nature? If so, the Israel National Trail is for you. The Israel National Trail is a 683-mile trail that crosses the entire country of Israel from south to north. What makes this trail so special is the exposure to so many different types of ecosystems in one trail. This is due to Israel’s ecological diversity, such as mountains, deserts, coastal plains, and more. Sometimes, these different areas can be found only miles apart.

When do people typically do this trail?

People typically do this trail during the spring and fall seasons of the year. This is because during these seasons, temperatures drop a little bit making it the perfect weather to hike and travel. Try to avoid the hot months in the summer (June, July, and August), as during these months it could be too hot to hike.

How long does this trail take?

Hiking through all 683 miles of the trail typically takes around 40-60 days. This means that one would walk around 12 miles a day. If you do not have time to hike for that long, but still want to hike the Israel National Trail, do not worry! You can still hike certain parts of the hike, as there are many places with road access.

Who can do this trail?

Anyone. Everyone is allowed to hike this trail freely. If you have some sort of medical problem, I recommend consulting with your doctor before deciding to hike the trail. Typically, those who do the trail are people that have just finished the army and are looking for fun and unforgettable experiences.

Where do people typically sleep?

People that do this trail typically sleep on the ground. Bringing a camping mattress and sleeping bag is a must. You can bring a tent if you want too. (Just remember that you must carry all your items with you throughout the hike). You can basically sleep anywhere on the trail, except when on nature reserves.

If you are planning on hiking this trail, be sure to grab an Israel National Trail Guide. There are many different guides to choose from. On most guides, you will find recommended places to sleep and rest.

Israel National Trail
Picture Credit: Pixabay

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