Italian brand Brilla celebrates International Pasta Day with “Pasta Month” – to be held during October in Israel. International Pasta Day is celebrated every year on October 25, as an international tradition that began in 1995 in Rome. On October 25, 1995, the first pasta meeting took place. 40 pasta experts and manufacturers from around the world attended, in order to enrich the knowledge regarding pasta and its issue.

The leading pasta brand in Italy, Brilla, will celebrate “Pasta Month” in Israel this year. This event will be held during October. In this framework, it will launch a new product: ‘Brila Papiri’. In addition, there will be re-launched Brila sauces with an improved recipe. Special activities will be held at selected points of sale throughout the country too.

Data from the Brila brand show that since the beginning of the corona epidemic, there has been a significant increase in pasta consumption in Israel. Statistics show that about NIS 608 million was spent on it as of 2020. The average Israeli family currently consumes about 7 kg of pasta a year, compared to the Italians who consume about 30 kg a year.

A survey conducted by the Brila brand in Israel shows that 94% of consumers in Israel buy pasta. 44% eat it 2-3 a week and 25% eat once a week. 71% of respondents answered that they eat it for lunch. The survey also showed that pasta is a favorite dish for many members of the family: The Israeli consumer prefers to purchase the Brilla brand. Considered in his eyes to be delicious, prestigious, and high quality. In addition, we noted that the pasta product in Rila, is impressive when served as a hospitality dish and is “similar to a dish in a restaurant”.

Regarding sauces:

They are considered a complementary product. It was found that 58% of households in Israel indicated that they buy Italian sauces. More than half use it 2-3 times a week. 34% use Italian sauce once a week, 21% use it once every two to three weeks.

Here is everything you did not know about pasta:

Brilla brand experts have compiled 7 tips for proper pasta cooking for the pasta month:

  1. Pasta is cooked exclusively in a large, deep pot.
  2. The right amount for cooking pasta: a ratio of one liter of water to 100 grams, with the ideal being 6 liters of water for a 500 gram package.
  3. Do not wash the pasta!
  4. Remove the pasta before it is ready and cook it with the sauce.
  5. It is recommended to remove the pasta from the heat a minute before it is ready, transfer it to a colander, and continue cooking in the pan or pot in which the sauce is.
  6. Contrary to popular belief – do not add oil to cooking pasta. This will prevent the sauce from sticking to the pasta.
  7. To upgrade the dish: After you have finished filtering the pasta. Sprinkle it with a little grated Parmesan cheese.

For a tasty pasta recipe, click here.

pasta month
Photo credit: יחצ
pasta month
Picture credit: יחצ
pasta month
Photo credit: יחצ

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