Filing an online tax refund for employees

The tax authority recently launched a system for submitting an online tax refund application for employees. This now allows employees to simply exercise their entitlement to a refund due to excess tax paid by them for each tax year separately. The new system makes it possible to carry out the process of opening the case and submitting the application online for the 2019 and 2020 tax years.

The Tax Authority emphasizes the importance of the new system’s capacity. This is because the number of  applications is expected to rise significantly. (Due to the corona year and the volatility in the labor market this year).

This new system will significantly improve the efficiency of tax returns. In the past, about 300,000 applications have been submitted manually each year. This involves printing a tax return form for employees, filling in the relevant fields, attaching all verifying documents, and submitting the form and documents to the income tax offices. All this by hand delivery or by scanning them into the system on the Tax Authority’s website.

Now, using the new online tax refund application, it is a lot more accessible to the employee public. One the case is opened; you can immediately move to submitting annual reports. You can get to the new system through the personal area of the Tax Authority website, or by choosing the tax refund service for employees on the site

tax refund
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