Ania Bukstein, an Israeli actress, singer, songwriter, and voice actress, had an abortion this year, and nobody knew about it. She told us about the secret that she kept from the world, which took her a long time to overcome.

Ania’s tragedy comes as a surprise because of her role in the musical “לא רק בלונדינית” (translates to “Not Just a Blonde”). Just before the corona burst into our lives like a storm, Ania Bukstein stepped up in the theater for the lead role in the musical “לא רק בלונדינית.” The role of a lifetime. But then the world froze, the plague took over the crowded streets of Tel Aviv, and everything stopped. Ania was left without a job and with an unclear future.

She decided to get pregnant with her partner. But when things started slowly going back to normal, Ania Bukstein had an abortion.

Only a year and half later, she happily reveals her secret and tells us how she feels about it. About the uncertainty, and about the painful process she went through and how she recovered from it.

The day after she discovered the pregnancy, the play’s producer “Not Just a Blonde” called Ania. In their conversation, the producer announced that the musical will return to the stages in August. Although she was excited, she gave up the role to keep the pregnancy. She could not do both because of how physical and intense the job was. She didn’t want to hurt herself and her future baby.

In the production they did not know who to bring instead of Ania, but in one ultrasound examination everything changed.

Ania Bukstein realized that there was no pulse. “I went to the doctor, and I realized I needed an abortion,” she said, “It was a process during which I felt physically and mentally unwell, it took me a long time to recover. “

“There is some comfort in understanding that this is happening around me to more women, and with all the darkness I chose to see the light and the opportunity to work on the musical, and in the last month I have returned to a rigorous training and rehearsal regimen.”

Ania Bukstein is back on track

“I’m glad I got a chance to be on stage. It doesn’t take away the sadness, but I’m back on track, and I have a three-year-old girl and a lot of other things that helped me get back on track.”

Anya Bukstein
Photo of Anya Bukstein taken from her instagram

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