“When you return from the five holy mountains you will not want to see any mountain, but when you return from the yellow mountain you will not want to see any holy mountain.” This is the most famous sentence in China for the description of the Yellow Mountain – or in Chinese – “Huangshan”. It is one of the most famous and important mountains in China.

The Chinese are constantly talking about its powerful beauty which they say is taken from a classic Chinese painting. Every nature lover will not be able to ignore the unique beauty of the Yellow Mountain -. Large and endless white stone cliffs surrounded by a sea of ​​thick clouds.

What is behind the Yellow Mountain?

The Yellow Mountain is hidden in the southern corner of an unfamiliar area called “Anhui”. It is a short drive of about an hour from Shanghai and is named after one of the most important figures in Chinese mythology -. The Yellow Emperor. One legend says that the emperor ascended from the Yellow Mountain directly to heaven. Another legend states that he used to make unique tablets for eternal life on the mountain. The Yellow Emperor is known only as a mythological figure and is considered the father of the Chinese people. The name of the mountain was changed only in 747 AD and the change of name caused a change in the status of the mountain. It made it one of the most important mountains in China.

An organized trip to China will introduce you to the Yellow Mountain and will present you with citrus and beauty that cannot be seen anywhere else. The Yellow Mountain is one of the wonders of nature and the view from it is indescribable.

The road to the mountain is not easy but worth every moment

The Yellow Mountain certainly represents one of the most beautiful landscapes in China, but as such, it also requires a long and difficult hike to get to the top. The trip to the top is not an easy experience at all. There are two cable cars that save a large part of the walk. Even after using them they will still leave a considerable number of hours of steep and difficult climbing. Plus, the trip to the mountain is not cheap.

Route suggestion

The difficult ascent ends at the upper station of the eastern cable car, also called the White Goose Ridge Station.

The remaining time until the sun goes down, it is worthwhile to move between the various observation points at the summit. It is recommended to remember to find a good point looking west, to see the sunset. The two recommended points are: the summit of the red cloud and the cloud scattering pavilion. It is recommended to get up early the next morning and see the sunrise that has earned the nickname -. “The blessed sunrise” – a name that describes the rare beauty of the sun as it appears between the peaks. The best spot to watch the sunrise is called “The Stone Monkey Watching the Sea” and the name describes the sea of ​​clouds that is revealed between the mountain peaks of the Yellow Ridge. We recommend making every effort to watch the sunrise.

Yellow mountain
photo credit: unsplash

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