The Atid Dvir High School is looking forward into the future. It is changing how it is perceived, setting new goals for itself, addressing new audiences. They plan to bring a new, fresh spirit to all the city’s residents.

An evening of brainstorming was held for the renewal plans of Atid Dvir High School. The evening was attended by representatives of the students’ parents, student representatives. Representatives of the Ministry of Education, Atid network administrators. The heads of the education departments in the Beit Shemesh municipality, and the mayor, Dr. Aliza Bloch.

The evening was moderated by the new principal of the school, Mr. Avi Shoshan, who presented ideas for the school’s development in the coming years to those at the meeting. He said that the school’s vision is to open the school up to new populations from both Beit Shemesh and religious students from nearby communities. One of the ideas that were brought up was a program in collaboration with the Lev Institute. (Bachelor’s degree in computers until high school graduation). This is a program that is in collaboration with the Air Force and new humanism program.

Brainstorming at the meeting:

Participants of the meeting were divided into thinking teams about the future of the school. The evening was held in the style of round tables attended by people from different groups – Staff, Ministry of Education, parents, and students. Each addressed and brought up new ideas.

The mayor of Beit Shemesh praised the school’s achievements. She mentioned that for the second time in a row, the school has won an award from the Ministry of Education for “Bagruyot” and educational goals. She also praised the amazing spirit of the school. The mayor added that she strongly believes in the school and its capabilities and therefore decided to invest a lot of resources in the school. “A dream,” she said. She also mentioned that the school will be a magnet for new residents who will come to the city because of the school. At the end of the evening, a strategic thinking team was set up to examine the feasibility of the ideas raised by the various teams and to build a professional five-year plan for the implementation of the plan.

Mayor Dr. Aliza Bloch:

“I congratulate the management team and teachers who are leading together out of a genuine desire to produce change and excellence among the students. Atid Dvir School is one of the leading educational gems in the city. We will continue to work to ensure that the school’s students receive the best tools for their professional and educational future. On this occasion, I would like to congratulate the new school principal. Avi Shoshan. On his entry into the position and wish him great success in his mission. I wish all the students a happy new year.”

Atid Dvir High School
Photo credit: עיריית בית שמש (מצ”ב תמונות לשימוש חופשי)
Atid Dvir High School
Photo credit: עיריית בית שמש (מצ”ב תמונות לשימוש חופשי)

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