How old is Anna Aronov? How many children does she have? Who is her partner? And what is she doing these days? Here you will find the answer to the questions about the Israeli dancer who captured the screen.

How old is Anna Aronov?

39 years old. And on January 22nd she will celebrate her 40th birthday. Anna Aronov was born in Kyrgyzstan in 1982. She immigrated to Israel when she was 18, and went directly to the northern city of Hadera. From there, she conquered the country.

What does Anna Aronov do?

What doesn’t she do? She is a dancer and dance teacher, both a model and a TV show host. She broke out as a dancer in “Dancing with the Stars” where she danced alongside Haim Revivo, Sami Hori, Lior Miller, Ron Shachar and Michael Lewis. In addition, Aronov also starred in reality shows such as “Survival” and “Loving Anna” where she co-hosted with her ex-partner Itai Turgeman the winning VIP couple.

The love life of Anna Aronov. Who did she go out with?

In addition to co-hosting the show with Itai Turgeman she also had a relationship with actor Lior Miller. Lior Miller is one of the people she had danced with in one of the seasons of Dancing with the Stars. In the reality show starring “Loving Anna” she fell in love with Eyal Algabi and the two got married in 2019.

How many children does Anna Aronov have?

In the meantime one. On the fourth of June last year in 2021 she gave birth to her eldest son with her partner Eyal Algabi. They named their son Adam Algali. A particularly cool trivia detail is that the little man was born exactly on the date of the day his parents went on a first date. Aronov accompanied the pregnancy with a variety of photos and posts that occupied the network. One of these posts will make you burst with laughter. You can read the post by clicking here.

Anna Aronov
Screenshot of Anna Aronov’s instagram

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