Margie and Noa Kirel are no longer together. Jonathan Margie and Noa Kirel break up in life and on Instagram. After three years, Noa Kirel posted an Instagram story on her way to Miami in which she wrote: “We’d be better apart.”

Margie and Noa Kirel fly separately.

The young singers and network stars who conquered the stages and the hearts of the fans say goodbye after three years of being together. After a wave of rumors about their relationship the two flew separately to the United States and as in their real life released the information on social media.

Noa Kirel: “It is better for us separately.”

Following Jonathan Margie and Noa Kirel’s break up, Kirel shared the news. In a story she posted on her Instagram page to over a million of her followers, Kirel wrote: “Friends, we wanted you to know that Jonathan and I decided it was better for us separately. Of course with great love and mutual respect. After three years of an amazing relationship. Everything is done in a joint decision and with huge friendships. and we want to thank all of you for all of the love.”

Kirel attached a heart emoji to Story. Since the post, she uploaded a host of entertainment stories in Miami. She apparently traveled in a planned manner in order to avoid background noises and advance her international career.

Noa Kirel and Jonathan Margie: How it all started

20-year-old Noa Kirel, who is considered a leading singer and dancer, and 21-year-old Jonathan Margie, the singer who broke into the next Eurovision star, met at the Festigal about three years ago. (the relationship was revealed in September 2018, a month after Kirel broke up with model Barak Shamir). About a year ago, they even managed to put together a joint duet called “Ambulance” that burned the social networks.

Kirel (who was not previously accepted to the music school.) Became a star at a young age six years ago with the song “מדברים”. This song was written for her by rapper Izzy and became a huge hit in Israel. These days she is working on becoming a star all around the world. To do so, as previously mentioned, she flew to the United States. Margie, the son of singer Meital Trabelsi, burst into the season of the next star of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017. He finished second place at the contest.

Noa Kirel break up
Noa Kirel Berak up. Noa Kirel’s Instagram Story

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