The judge of the Shas movement’s petition ruled that the Asi River is open to everyone. The kibbutz and the state must ensure the full opening of the river!.

The judge ruled that the state would act as soon as possible and with all the tools at its disposal to prevent the blockage to the Asi River. The court ordered Kibbutz Nir David to promote a planning arrangement for the development of the Amal Kedum River.

Shas chairman Rabbi Aryeh Deri: “This morning, we corrected social injustice! The court agreed to our demand – the Asi River will be open to all Israeli citizens. The Shas movement has once again proved that “the struggle for social justice” is a way of life and not an election slogan. Congratulates the members that fought for the liberation of the Asi River.”

One of the supporters said: “This is a happy and exciting day. After a stubborn public struggle of about two years, the court’s decision finally recognizes the public’s right to the public river and understands that it is not possible for a small group of about 300 households to close off a public property. The court forces the state to take responsibility and ensure free access to the river along its entire length. This includes taking down all fences and barriers, as well as promoting the park at the end of the Kibbutz.”

Petitioner MK Moshe Arbel (Shas): “Today, history was recorded in the State of Israel. The court explicitly ruled that blocking access to the creek and its banks is illegal. Violence against Beit She’an residents and Israeli citizens through security companies will cease. And the Shas movement has proved once again that justice is not just a slogan but a real way of life.

I thank the chairman of Shas, Rabbi Aryeh Deri for her inspiration and support. And the lawyers Israel Bach, Eliezer Rodin and Tom Doron, for their hard and thorough legal work.”

Asi River
Photo Credit: Nadav Peles

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