New drafting law. Defense Minister Ganz established the National Guard for the Orthodox Jews and works to integrate them into quality military positions.

According to the outline agreed from the new drafting law with the prime minister, finance minister, foreign minister, and all coalition faction leaders:

The age of exemption has dropped to 21 immediately but will increase over time while maintaining the value of equality.

Defense Minister Ganz welcomes the advancement of the draft law in the Ministry of Defense outline. Along with the adoption of the initiative to establish a national guard.

Here is the summary of the new drafting law:

At the same time, a team will be established to promote the overall military service outline. When it enters into force, it will increase the proportion of soldiers to the entire population (which currently stands at half the population).

Defense Minister Ganz said:. The outline says that we do not give up on anyone. It is a bridge to the outline of the military service that I intend to bring to the government in the coming months. This will regulate the issue of military service in Israel. We enable the ultra-Orthodox to enter into quality military position while preserving the value of equality and the people’s army.

New drafting law
Photo credit: תקשורת שר הביטחון

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