Are you planning on purchasing a new stove? If so, you have probably often found yourself confused and unable to decide which type of stove is best. Is it worth taking the gas stove because it uses flames? Or should you take the electric stove and enjoy a safe technological product that looks much cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing in the kitchen?

So why choose one type of stove if you can enjoy both?

We are happy to inform you that today there is a new option of a combined stove. This option gives you the option to enjoy the benefits of both stoves. Without having to hesitate or make any sacrifices.

How do these combined stoves even work?

Combined gas and electric stoves are built in the form of an induction hob, with one or more gas flames on top of the induction hob. This allows for people that want to use the gas flame to cook on top of the induction hob. It is important to note that for a combined stove, you will need an electrical connection and a gas connection. This way, both stoves can work.

Benefits of using a combined stove

As mentioned before, the main advantage of a combined stove is that you can enjoy the benefits of both types of stove. Both gas and induction. This way, you can enjoy a stove that can help you with everything you need and have maximum comfort when it comes to cooking.

Cleaning the stove – It is known that cleaning an electical stove is one of their biggest benefits. Therefor, when you use a combined stove, you will enjoy at least fifty percent of an easy-to-clean cooking surface. For that reason, if you have something dirty to cook like sauces or oil, you can use the electric stove.

Cooking with gas – Along with the benefits of the electric stove, you will not have to give up the live flame that comes from the gas stove. This flame is typically used by us to prepare foods that obtain flavor from contact with fire. Good examples of this are foods like pita or roasted eggplant.

Safety first – These stoves are equipped with unique sensors that prevent gas leaks. In addition, the electric stoves themselves have a feature that turns them off as soon as you lift the pot from the stove. No matter which stove you use, you can rest assured that the combined stove is safe.

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