The Raanana Municipality has begun placing orange bins for recycling throughout the city. Around 1,500 orange bins will be placed in the garbage rooms in the shared houses in Raanana. And about 160 large bins will be placed in street corners and recycling corners throughout the city.

The Raanana Municipality has begun placing orange bins throughout the city for recycling. With this effort, they are hoping to create a greener and healthier environment. The decision is intended to significantly increase the amount of waste sent for recycling and reduce the amount of waste that causes severe pollution in the soil, water, and air.

The orange bins are intended for collecting packaging material. This material constitutes about 60% of the volume of household waste.

This includes materials such as:

Plastic products, food packaging, care and cleaning products, plastic bags. Metal packaging such as cans, milk substitute boxes, and beverage cartons.

The packaging waste from the orange bins will be collected on designated days and transferred to the sorting facility in Rishon Lezion. There, it will be sorted into seven separate types of materials:. 3 different types of plastic, metal, beverage cartons, cardboard and mixed plastic. Over 85% of the packaging waste from the bins is sent for recycling to various recycling plants in Israel. Which produce new products that will benefit the Israeli industry.

The orange bins join the variety of separation and recycling containers available in Raanana, such as: Purple bins for glass, blue bins for paper and thin cardboard, and recycling bins for bottles, textiles, and electronic waste.

Haim Broida, Mayor of Raanana, stated that “In our household trash can, there are substances that are not perishable and can cause irreversible damage to all of us. The way to turn waste from a nuisance into a resource is recycling. We in Raanana have taken on this challange with the launch of the orange bins in the city. We are leading a real revolution in the field. I am sure that the residents of the city will be involved in the process and will take part in the recycling efforts. This way, we can create a greener, healthier, and better environment for us and for future generations.”

Orange bins
photo credit: דוברות עיריית רעננה

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