Looking for interesting areas to visit while traveling in Israel? Although our country is relatively small and the landscapes are not always dramatic, Israel actually has amazing landscapes and in a wide variety of areas that are fundamentally different from each other. So here are five places that are very worthwhile to visit during your next trip.

The northern prairie (הערבה הצפונית)

Even though it is hot, as long as you have a car with air condition, you should be able to walk in the northern prairie even in the summer. If you are going without a car, it is best to wait until the fall. The northern prairie stretches from the Dead Sea to the “Paran.” In this area, there are quite a few trails that lead to different rivers. These rivers include the Masur, Eshos, and Namia rivers. These trails have amazing views of the pristine desert landscapes.

Northern Golan Heights (צפון רמת הגולן)

In contrast to the northern Prairie, the northern Golan Heights is the coolest area in Israel. If you are traveling in the north and are looking to cool off during the summer, then this is the place to go. There are several places you should visit while you are there. These places include Odem, Nimrod, Neve Ativ, and Majdal Shams. In this area, you will find lots of pine forests, flowing streams, and waterfalls. You can easily spend a whole day in the north, looking at views such as Mount Sion and Mount Hermon in the background.

The Galilee Mountains (הרי הגליל)

The Galilee mountains are also a must see. Starting from the Naftali ridge, through Mount Meron and all the way to Nahariya and Rosh Hanikra. This special area maintains a green appearance throughout the year. This is due to the many steams that flow during the rainy seasons. Among the beautiful landscapes there are many interesting places such as the tomb of the Rashbi in Meron and the tombs of the righteous in Safed.

Eilat Mountains (הרי אילת)

If you are traveling in Israel and love the most dramatic landscapes, there is no doubt that Eilat is the place for you. This is an area with insane geological formations in a variety of shades of black and red. This area has the Jordanian Negev towering in the background beyond the Syrian-African rift. There is no shortage of attractions here. Some of these attractions include the colorful Amram pillars, the Black Canyon and, of course, the only tropical sea in our country, Gulf of Eilat.

Menashe Forests(יערות מנשה)

A little south of the Jezreel Valley, you will find the Meshane Forest. This area has many pine trees covering its small area. Also, there are many streams and small springs that keep the forest alive and green year-round. This a great place to go hiking, as there are many hidden paths waiting for you to find them. There are also a variety of birds and local animals that you will see if you visit here. A great place to come if you are looking for some quiet and peace.

photo credit: FREEPIK


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