The vanishing lake in Modi’in was discovered a few weeks ago by one of the municipal groups. The magical lake is located in the open space in the west of the city. An area designated for construction, but at this time of year becomes green and full of spectacular blooms in a variety of colors. Where is the lake that disappears and how do you get to it? All the details in the article below.

About a month ago, a dog walking company told me that right next to us in the urban nature of Modiin, there is a magical lake that is formed from rainwater that stays full all winter long. A couple days later, one of municipal groups posted a in a magical sunset picture of the lake. I realized it was time to set off and look for the missing lake.

Directions to the Hidden Lake in Modiin

I took a couple of friends and my dog and we set off to find this magical lake. We went down Emek Beit She’an street, passed the Shimshonish lot and walked on the road leading to the municipal kennel. We knew the area that the lake was is, but not it’s exact location. After an hour of searching through amazing and magical paths of different types of flowers, we realized we were not in the right place. At the same time, the sun started to set so we decided to go home.

After a couple of rainy days, we decided that we have no choice but to find the vanishing lake. I went out to search for the lake, and this time I continued walking until after the municipal kennel (which is to the left). After a few meters, the amazing and magical lake was revealed.

People that visit often say that every winter the lake fills up and empties around April. You can sit around the lake and on the rocks around it. Every afternoon many young people gather at the lake for a fun time. They sometimes also enter water where bathing is forbidden, but  mainly because the quality of the water is unknown.

vanishing lake
photo credit: דנה טל

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