The Raanana Municipality will establish a DNA database of dogs in order to combat the unkown dog droppings in the streets. Mayor Haim Broida: “We have decided to act in advanced ways to eradicate the public disturbance.”

The Raanana Municipality is acting in the fight against dog droppings in the city streets. They plan to establish a DNA database of dogs. This database will find and fine the dogs owners that did not pick up their dog’s droppings.

The municipality intends to submit this plan to the City Council for approval during their next meeting. The point of the amendment is to introduce a mechanism that will allow the municipal veterinarian. (or someone on his behalf), to collect genetic identification information of the dogs in the city. They want to do this to combat the unknown dog droppings in public space. This means that the municipality will be able to sample the dog droppings, find the dog’s owner, and fine them for not picking up their dog’s droppings.

How the law will affect residents:

If this law passes, city residents who own dogs will be required to submit DNA samples of their dogs to the veterinary department by the time the dog is vaccinated. At the same time, the municipality will create a genetic database will all the dog’s DNA and their owners.

Mayor Haim Broida:. “This is an amendment to a significant and groundbreaking law in the fight against the sanitary issue of dog droppings in the public spaces. The municipality has been working for many years to enforce and fight this problem. Although we are the leading city among the Sharon cities in enforcing the issue. It is still a nuisance that harms the quality of life of residents and is repeatedly at the top of the public agenda. Due to this, we decided to step up and amend the bylaw on this important issue.”

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