Why should you buy a new apartment from a contractor and not a second-hand apartment? The “Anglosnews” website presents the opinion of Snir’s CEO, Nir Shmol, who explains why it is better to buy a new apartment than a second-hand apartment. c

Reasons why it is recommended to buy a new apartment from a contractor: Tips and advice on the subject

“Despite the corona crisis, Real estate transactions for the purchase of apartments are reaching new heights in Israel. Thousands of families are looking to buy an apartment. And many are debating what the best deal is. Is it buying a new apartment directly from the contractor who is in the process of construction? Or, buying a second-hand apartment, “says Nir Shmol. CEO of Snir, who markets apartment projects around the country.

He said: “In the many parameters that the company examined, The balance is inclined towards buying a new apartment. This is in light of some very important advantages.”

Among all the reasons to buy a new appartment, a couple stood out:

When buying an apartment on paper. It is possible (in coordination with the contractor) to make internal changes to the property. These costs for making the changes will be cheaper than making a massive renovation in a second-hand apartment. Also, when buying a new apartment. Families purchase not only the apartment, but also the area around the apartment. Which has parks and green spaces. Also, many new projects are being built in new neighborhoods. Because of this, buyers can enjoy community life in an environment of young families.

According to Shmul:

“The engineers, the architects, and the entire construction team of the project are aware of all the advanced innovations in the construction industry, and they implement them in the planning and construction stages of these new apartments. On the other hand, if you do a massive renovation on an apartment, the various professionals that will do these renovations most likely will not work with these advanced and new methods.”

Another notable advantage is that the payment terms for buying the apartment are usually flexible. There is no need to pay the full cost of the apartment when signing the contract. You can pay it in stages. In addition, with the period of time that the client waits for the completion of construction of the property, he has enough time to sell his current property. This way, he is not in a hurry so that he can sell his property for the maximum amount. This will also make it easier to pay for the new property.

From the time that the customer buys the property to the time he moves into the property, the property value most likely goes up. In contrast, you can never be too sure with second-hand apartments.

It is important to note that another and important benefit is shelter room in the apartment. According to the law in all new apartments there is a security room which protects the tenants in case of a missile attack or earthquake. This is a huge advantage for older people and for families with children. On the other hand, tenants in secondhand apartments might not have these shelters. This is because the apartments could have been built before the law that required them.

buy new apartment
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buy new apartment
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