Fresh vegetables in Modi’in were considered for years a difficult task. In a city where there is no classic market like in other old cities. it is difficult to find quality and fresh vegetables. A few years ago, Michal Ansky’s farmers’ market came to town and changed the picture. If you are looking for the highest quality fresh fruits and vegetables, the market is open every Friday for you to enjoy.

What makes Michal Ansky’s farmers’ market so special is the agricultural produce that is sold there. They sell fruits and vegetables of the highest grade. (so-called premium, in fruit vegetable terms). – fruits and vegetables that usually do not reach the Israeli consumer.

An issue that often comes up when talked about fruits and vegetables in farmers markets is the high prices. Even though the prices of these fruits and vegetables are higher than of those in the supermarket, so is the quality. On the other hand, these fruits and vegetables are the same price. If not cheaper, than the ones sold in greengrocers around the city. Shir adds: “The prices in the market are not the prices we are used to at the supermarket. But on the other hand, the quality and variety that the market offers includes products that are not available in the regular supermarket. Products such as purple cauliflower, grape-flavored strawberries, fresh raspberries and more

These fruits and vegetables are carefully selected for you

Another advantage of the vegetables and fruits in the market is the level of freshness of the products. The goods sold in the market reach the consumer a maximum of one day after being picked. Thus, freshness is guaranteed. Shir says she orders the goods on Wednesday, on Thursday they are picked, and on Friday they are sold in the market. “These vegetables don’t even have enough time to be refrigerated.”

The agricultural produce that comes to the market is carefully selected from the best farmers who grow produce with advanced technologies and techniques. This includes techniques such as hydroponic crops (crops on water without spraying). This also includes greenhouse crops with biological pesticides (animal pesticides). This way we guarantee that the vegetables and fruits are healthy, nutritious, and with real taste.

On a personal note, there is a huge difference in the taste of the vegetables sold at a Shir’s stand than vegetables I purchased from other places in the city. I recommend you spend half an hour on Friday morning. Hop to the market and buy your family healthy fruits and vegetables. If you have extra time in the market there are many stalls selling pastries, special cheeses, spreads, spices, and more.

The market runs every Friday morning, at Lev Reut Center.

fresh vegetables
photo credit: pixabay

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