When was Modi’in Macabim Reut established? The city you know today began construction as early as 1985. The city started with the planning of the settlement of Maccabim. But the city of Modi’in itself began to be inhabited only in 1996, and officially became a city in 2001.

When was Modi’in Macabim Reut established?

The city of modii’in is in fact the result of a unification of authorities from 2003 with the old settlements of Reut and Maccabim. A unification that led to an area of over 50,000 dunams for the joint settlement.

The city was conceived by the founder of Maccabiah, Yosef Yekutieli, who is immortalized in the settlement of Maccabim. In reality, it was only in 1985 that Dr. Israel Peled began to establish the settlement of Maccabim. In 1990, the settlement of Reut also joined. At the time, Reut was a place that had many projects for military personnel and security forces.

Story about Modi’in

The first tools for the establishment of the city of Modi’in came to the ground in 1994. Two years later in 1996, the population began to grow. At the time, the city was only a local district. Moshe Shecter was in charge of the district at the time, and was Mosi’in’s first mayor. Moshe struggled to establish Modi’in due to environmental organizations. These organizations sought to negotiate Hasmonean nature.

The unification of Modi’in and Macabim Reut

In 2003, the Ministry of the Interior decided to unite the three settlements. These three settlements united to create the city of Modi’in-Maccabim-Reut. Today, these settlements are considered similar to the other neighborhoods in the city. The city is currently run by Mayor Haim Bibbs, who also serves as chairman of the local government.

Modi'in Macabim Reut established
credit: Dana Tal


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